Colour Scheme: Peachy Keen

Peach Colour Pallette

Photograph by Elizabeth Anne Designs

When making the difficult choice of which colour scheme to use in your house a mood board can go a long way to help. Pick a picture that inspires you and use it as your colour palette.  The next challenge is how to corporate it into your room.

There is something appealing about peach, soft and feminine without being too girly (if you stray from pinky tones). Check out these rooms which have the balance just right…

If you’re not quite ready to take the plunge into peach walls, use the colour palette to match accessories and create colourful accents. This children’s nursery effectively uses peach accessories to brighten up a neutral grey background:

If you love this colour scheme as much as we do, here’s a round up of our favourite products to achieve the look in your home…

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