How to Create a Gallery Wall

The creation of a gallery wall provides a perfect solution to the  ‘what can I put there?’ dilemma. You can tailor the look of your gallery collection to your taste. Think about whether you want to match frame colours, create a display of your favourite art or mix and match items to give a more eclectic feel.

Take these examples as inspiration for yours:



An effective use of black frames and monochrome art

Gallery Wall

This entrance hall gallery wall creates a combination of family portraits and favourite quotes


A great example of mixing photographs, word art and objects. This collection really shows off the home owners vintage taste

If you want to create a gallery wall but also want the option of it being flexible, have a look out for some picture ledges like these available from Ikea. This enables you to rearrange, add and take away objects at your hearts content.


If you’ve been inspired to create your own gallery wall but don’t know where to start, check out how to arrange photoframes, here you will also find tips on hanging pictures perfectly.

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